Results for 3rd, 7th & 8th July 2018

Results for the July the Turd Half Marathon – 3.7.18

This race was located in Coalport in Telford and involved 2 x 7 mile laps for the half marathon taking in Part of the Silkin Way, Rough Park and the Valley of Ironbridge and was a mixture of paths and tracks.

92:53:22Cathy Keay
102:53:24Anne-Marie Goodwin

Results for the Harborough 5 – 3.7.18

This was the penultimate race in the summer series. It is a one lap course starting and finishing near Foxton Locks in Leicestershire.  After a 400m lap of a field, the runners hit the road with a gentle incline, over the canal, before heading downhill for a mile towards the village of Lubenham where they turn to run for a mile and a quarter uphill to the 4 mile marker passed an overgrown entrance to Gartree Prison ! Then it is a gentle downhill last mile to the finish with another 400m lap of the field.  Well done to Graham who won his age category – Race Report from Martin Smith.

12837:48Graham Patton
14438:56Martin Smith

Results for the 7@Severn Morning & Evening Race – 7.7.18

This year there was a 7:00am and a 7:00pm running of this race.  Members got up early for the 7am version while others took part in the 7k evening race around Draycote Water.  Some completed both races and a parkrun in-between!  Read Helen’s race report here


PositionChip TimeName
3400:31:06Sue Leonard
4100:31:40Brian Boyle
5100:32:19Simon Trenchard
9800:37:00Sophie Abbott
11000:38:02Rachel Hogg
11100:38:02Philip Mccarron
14700:40:29Angela Mckay
16600:41:52Kerry Watkins
17800:42:15Wendy Foxall
20300:43:53Lisa Kenny
20800:44:23Claire Newman
24000:45:51Louise Wilce
24100:45:54Nicola Hunt
24200:46:07Lisa Jay
24500:46:21Ed Goodwin
25600:47:15Hugh Miller
25700:47:25Cal Oddy
27400:49:01Casey Leaver
29500:51:27Samantha Pointon
29900:52:10David Mckay
30000:52:11Elaine Dunkerley
31200:53:15Alison Clark
32000:55:22Helen Rowe


PositionChip TimeName
5300:34:43Philip Mccarron
6300:36:41Cerys Currie
12200:42:02Kerry Watkins
16000:45:05Wendy Foxall
16300:45:08Nicola Hunt
17000:45:48Lisa Kenny
19100:48:24Kelvin Elliott
19400:48:22Cal Oddy
21000:50:11Kerrie Grayman
21400:50:33Michelle  Thomas
21600:50:42Denise Elkington
24500:57:07Alison Clark
24600:58:06Helen Rowe
9400:40:20Carol  Martin
18100:46:43Claire Newman
19900:48:54Louise Wilce
20200:49:07Lisa Jay
24000:55:22Emma King
4200:34:00Paul Curtis
21500:50:42Diana Wilson

Results for the Birmingham Black Country Half – 7.7.18

The Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon is a unique point to point race along the canal towpaths between Wolverhampton City Centre and Brindley Place in Birmingham.  The route is largely flat with locks and bridges as the only inclines, the route included the famous ‘Coseley Tunnel’ a 360 metre tunnel,a memorable feature of the scenic course. The route featured floating drink stations (canal barges) every 3 miles offering runners water and electrolyte.

34601:58:30Ian O’DONNELL
60802:13:22Craig KEENAN
78302:23:06Paulina ELLENA

Results for the Cider Frolic – 7.7.18

The Cider frolic is a race for solos, pairs and three and teams of fours.  Each lap is 6 km(ish) so seven laps = a marathon.  You can read Daniel’s race report here.

7 laps06:58:59Daniel Connolly

Results for the Northbrook 10k – 8.7.18

A great turnout of 43 Massey Runners completed the Northbook 10k (7th race in the WRRL) in very hot conditions.  This local race is run over one lap on mainly rural roads around the Allesley to Corley area, described as an undulating and scenic course.  The first half of the course is generally rising with the highest point at 6km and the last 3 km downhill.  Well done to Scott who came 2nd overall.  Read Dave’s race report here.

234:21:00Scott Hazell
1237:26:00Simon Neale
1537:35:00Chris Moore
4440:45:00Nick Luntley
5541:31:00Dave Lee
7242:39:00Alan McDougall
10244:38:00Mark Ursell
10544:46:00Marie Edmunds
11245:08:00Colin Hodgskinson
12045:29:00Kevin Hinson
18349:38:00Richard Shortall
18549:47:00Phillip Hayes
19050:03:00Elizabeth Dobson
20050:44:00Jackie Schofield
20551:01:00James Padvis
22252:24:00Darren Chambers
22752:39:00Stuart Sahan
28056:17:00Joanne Stacey
28256:24:00Richard Pearce
28556:55:00Les Carter
29157:21:00Cathy Keay
29657:59:00Fiona Ball
30358:11:00Kerry Jenkins
31358:54:00David Mason
33661:32:00Mo Smith
34362:12:00Sarah Shaw
37565:30:00Linsey Yeomans
38466:04:00Alison Lowe
39467:56:00Hugh Miller
39868:47:00Lesley Keighley
TBCBrenda Lee
40270:06:00Dave Adams
40370:22:00Wendy Foxall
41672:56:00Carinna Laugharne
41873:27:00Rachel Marrington
42274:04:00Michael Hammond
43177:38:00Cal Oddy
43483:51:00David Phillips
43784:10:00Emma Cutting
43884:17:00Tiffannie Slatford
43984:29:00Cathy Boden
44086:49:00Helen Rowe
44190:46:00Sara Slevin



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