Results for 25th & 26th August 2018

Results for the Double or Quits 5 or 10 mile – 25.8.18

The Double or Quit Race is an annual muliti-terrain 5 or 10 mile race around scenic Shipley Park in Derbyshire.  Runners could choose the distance they wanted to run on the day, 5 or 10 miles or even Nordic Walk.

10 Mile

521:23:06Ian O’Donnell
671:26:35Paul Curtis
1601:44:39Clare Newman

5 Mile

710:58:06Diana Wilson
1001:09:53Helen Rowe
1011:09:54Cal Oddy

Results for the Badgers Atherstone 10k – 26.8.18

This race was a challenging course taking in the beautiful North Warwickshire countryside including exclusive access through the private Merevale Estate.  The race started on Long Street and finished in the historic Market Square Atherstone.

3500:42:15Dave Lee
4700:43:33Alan McDougall
10600:46:52Sam Lowe
15100:49:21Phillip Hayes
21100:51:54James Padvis
23700:53:07Philip McCarron
24600:53:16Cathy McKeown
25000:52:48John Bilsland
27200:53:56David Mason
34000:56:31Michelle Eaton
35500:57:17Steve Weatherall
35600:57:17Kim Davies
38500:59:01Fiona Ball
39400:59:39Sarah Shaw
43301:01:54Alison Lowe
46401:03:24Sonia Karamat
47901:04:07Katie Kingston
48001:04:07Rebecca Draper
51401:06:31Rosie Bilsland
54901:10:16Carinna Laugharne
56901:12:51Cal Oddy
57001:12:55Donna Bennett
57201:13:16Michael Hammond
57301:13:23Frances Averill
57401:13:24Chris Averill
57501:13:31Emma King
57601:13:45Kerrie Grayman
58901:15:47Helen Goodwin
59001:15:55Samantha Haines
60201:20:40Michelle Thomas
61001:22:40Helen Rowe
61701:31:11Sara Slevin

Results for the Headington 5 – 26.8.18

This race was a fast 5 mile loop. It started and finished in Boults Lane recreation ground, near the OSARAD Sports & Leisure Centre, Oxford and followed the Northern bypass and the Marston Ferry road.

6700:31:43Mark Blaszczyszyn
25700:40:43Dominic Lenehan

Results for the Ellesmere 10k – 26.8.18

This race was a mix of road and well surfaced flat trail, very gentle undulations with just one sharp turn and a hump-back canal bridge for runners to negotiate.

51700:59:46Angela McKay
67701:09:14David McKay
69201:10:32Denise Elkington
70601:12:03Elaine Dunkerley


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