Results for 24th & 27th May 2018

Results for the Ryton 5 – 24.5.18

This race is the third race in the WRRL and was an accurately measured 5-mile course, mostly flat on unsealed paths, at Ryton Pools near Leamington Spa just off the A445.  51 Massey Runners took part in the hot sunshine and dust !!

50 27 10Scott Hazel
190 29 19Dean Clarke
330 30 25Chris Moore
360 30 37Alex Cotterill
510 31 49Simon Neale
850 33 28Paul Bradly
1020 34  6David Lee
1110 34 16Alan McDougall
1190 34 51Marie Edmunds
1390 35 51Kevin Hinson
1740 37 44Jeremy Smith
1760 37 49Johnathan Brown
1770 37 50James Padvis
1810 38 13Elizabeth Dobson
1820 38 13Graham Tait
1830 38 24Martin Smith
1850 38 34Nathan Bignell
1970 38 57Ian O’Donnell
1990 39  7Sam Lowe
2020 39 15Jackie Schofield
2030 39 20Simon Trenchard
2120 39 47Phillip Hayes
2130 39 47Richard Shortall
2150 39 49Zoe Moore
2320 40 41Alanna Pennell
2370 41  2Stuart Sahan
2380 41  9David Robins
2400 41 14Philip McCarron
2430 41 37Graham Patton
2680 43 20Julia Minty
2710 43 47Kim Davies
2820 44 57Paul Curtis
2830 44 57Rachel Hogg
2980 46 21Ian Cameron
3000 46 48Alison Lowe
3010 46 52Kathy James
3070 47 39David Goodwin
3110 48  3Cathy Keay
3130 48 18Jill Waterfield
3150 48 42Rachael Bignall
3160 48 52Wendy Foxall
3190 49 51Casey Leaver
3210 50 24Nicola Hunt
3230 50 58Linsey Yeomans
3260 52 33Kelvin Elliott
3310 54 20Sharon Etherson
3320 54 58Dave Adams
3340 57 12Ed Goodwin
3361 01 09Jane Bates
3371 01 42Samantha Pointon
3391 09 31Sara Slevin

Results for the Edinburgh Marathon & Half Marathon – 27.5.18

This race started on Potterrow in the grounds of one of the oldest Universities in the world, the route took runners through the heart of Edinburgh. Passing Greyfriars Bobby, the National Museum of Scotland, over the High Street and down The Mound, then past the Scottish National Gallery and into Princes Street Gardens, with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

The route then took in the ‘Gothic Rocket’, otherwise known as the Scott Monument down the Royal Mile, and past Scottish Parliament building. Here runners could see Arthurs Seat & Salisbury Crags, as well as the Palace of Holyrood, before heading east towards the coast.  Towards Musselburgh, the course went past the oldest golf course in the world, before heading further East on the flat to Gosford House.  Runners then turned and headed back along the coast, towards the finish at Pinkie School.  Read Lesley’s race report here


460304:27:02Rachel Brock
586004:51:30Lorraine Chamberlain

Half Marathon

880502:25:44Lesley Keighley

Results for the Hilly 100 – 27.5.18

The Cotswold Hilly 100 is a 100 mile road relay race that is divided into 10 legs each of approx 10 miles. The race started at the American Fountain, Market Square in Stratford upon Avon and finished at the Stratford Sports Club and followed a route of mainly minor roads that meanders through the Cotswolds.   The race has been held for over 25 years and whilst there have been minor tweaks to improve the safety of the runners the overall route is largely unchanged.

11:40:50Men’s Team
16:47:54Ladies Team
16:01:36Mixed Team

Results for the Dorchester Marathon – 27.5.18

This was run  on closed roads through parts of historic Dorchester, picturesque villages and the glorious Dorset countryside.  Read Daniel’s race report here.

55706:19:02Mary Connolly
55806:19:02Daniel Connolly

Results for the Newbury 10k – 27.5.18

This was the 11th year of the Newbury 10K, which started and finished in the historic Newbury town centre market place.    There was a gentle climb for the first 3km followed by a short descent and the rest of the course was flat. The course was on a mixture of terrains, including road, grass, gravel and footpaths with a short section on the towpath alongside the canal.

47801:02:19Cathy Keay

Results for the Worcester Pitchcroft 10k – 27.5.18

This race was a 10 kilometre traffic free course using the surfaced perimeter tracks and footpaths of Worcester Racecourse and comprised of three laps.

15659:00Carlo Rioda
18369:15Jane Damms



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