Results for 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Results for the Road Relays, Sutton Park – 22.9.18

Well done to the MFRC members who represented the club and ran in the Midlands Autumn Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday 22nd September. Massey entered 5 teams this year, 2 teams in the men’s race and 3 teams in the ladies race.

50 – Massey Ferguson RC             ‘A’  2:11:2

Scott Hazell     (23) 19:12

Chris Moore      (38) 21:25

Jack Blakemore   (52) 24:07

David Clarke     (59) 23:34

Simon Brown      (56) 22:11

Dean Clarke      (51) 20:58

76 – Massey Ferguson RC             ‘B’  2:23:27

Alan Mcdougall   (100) 24:01

Jason Nicholson  (93) 23:20

Ross Cooper      (89) 23:58

Gary Lawson      (86) 23:10

Peter Paprcka    (84) 25:04

Dave Lee         (77) 23:54

69   Massey Ferguson RC           ‘A’  1:25:03

Zoe Moore        (72) 20:01

Rachel Hogg      (75) 22:33

Alanna Pennell   (74) 21:27

Emma Robinson    (69) 21:02

97   Massey Ferguson RC            ‘B’  1:42:49

Kerry Watkins    (116) 26:14

Ann Hawkswood    (105) 24:49

Sharon Etherson  (103) 26:04

Debbie Davis     (97) 25:42

104   Massey Ferguson RC            ‘C’  2:09:17

Kelli Sahan      (121) 34:46

Cal Oddy         (112) 29:26

Jane Bates       (110) 31:07

Hayley Tracey    (104) 33:58


Results for the Loch Ness Marathon – 23.9.18

This race followed a spectacular point-to-point route alongside world famous Loch Ness, starting in an atmospheric moorland setting and continued through stunning Highland scenery, taking runners along the south-eastern shores of Loch Ness, across the River Ness, to finish in Inverness, capital city of the Highlands.  Read Dave’s race report here.

55103:45:50David James

Results for the Draycote Water 10 & 20 mile – 23.9.18

2 Laps or 4 laps around a very wet Draycote circuit.  Well done to Marie, Phyll & David Phillips who all came first in their age category.  You can read Dave’s race report here.

10 mile

6101:27:42David Goodwin
7601:31:05Nikki Carter
10701:40:46John Bennett
11701:43:07Debbie Davies
12301:48:26Ian Cameron
14502:34:43Nicola Chambers
15702:15:53Samantha Haines

20 mile

1802:28:03Alan McDougall
1902:28:07Marie Edmunds
8703:30:23Philip McCarron
9103:31:58Sophie Abbott
9603:40:16Phyll Douglas
9703:40:16Jason Douglas
10103:48:12Claire Newman
11804:27:59Cal Oddy
11904:48:43David Phillips
13504:57:48Helen Rowe

Results for the Balsall Common Fun Run 10k – 23.9.18

This race started and finished at the Heart of England School.

3400:44:27Kevin Hinson
4100:45:23Brian Boyle
5800:48:07Sam Lowe
5900:48:10Zoe Moore
6900:50:17James Padvis
29101:07:57Nicola Glaze
22801:09:16Jess McLish
22901:09:17Kerry Watkins

Results for the Walsall Rotary Club Fun Run 10k – 23.9.18

This multi-terrain course started and ended in Walsall’s beautiful Arboretum, with park, rural and road elements of the route.

17701:04:10Rachel Marrington

Results for the Scottish 10k – 23.10.18

This route started and finished just outside Edinburgh at Musselburgh Racecourse.  Runners followed the final section of the seriously flat and rapid Scottish Half Marathon route, running along the magnificent Golf Coast before finishing in the final furlong at Musselburgh Racecourse; Scotland’s oldest racecourse.  Read Martin’s race report here.

15900:45:56Adrian Smith
19600:47:10Martin Smith

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