Results for 14th & 15th April 2018

Results for The Reaper – 14.4.18

The Reaper Obstacle Course Run 10k was the complete mud ‘n’ obstacle experience. Water crossings, mud trails plus scrambling on your hands and knees,all to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, with 40+ obstacles . Nicky took part in this race with apprentices from her workplace.

Results for the Thames Valley Half Marathon – 14.4.18

Held at Eton College, Rowing Centre, Dorney Lake, Windsor, this half marathon was 4.5 laps.

5401:41:12Steve Mumford

Results for the Boston Marathon (Lincs) – 15.4.18

This run claims to be the flattest marathon course in the country, held on the Sunday preceding USA Patriots Day (3rd Monday of April), the day of the more famous US Boston marathon. It is a road marathon and completely flat all along the course. Starting at Boston Market place and finishing at Boston College.  Read Dave’s race report here.

52406:08:42David Phillips

Results for the Brighton Marathon & 10k – 15.4.18

The Brighton Marathon weekend comprised of a full, 10k, kids races.  The marathon started in Preston Park and wound through the city taking in some of Brighton’s attractions (the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Dome, the i360 tower, the North Laine, Peace Statue, the Pier, Kemp Town, Hove Lawns and more) before hitting the famous promenade and finishing on Madeira Drive, just east of Brighton Pier.


359205:35:04Katy Jones


334401:32:41Elaine Robinson

Results for the City of Norwich Half Marathon – 15.4.18

First staged in 1985 by Duke Street Running Club, this race was originally based in the centre of Norwich – hence its name.  Then in 1993 it moved to the Norfolk Showground on the western outskirts of the city and it’s been there ever since.  The race started and finished within the Norfolk Showground and followed a rural single lap route through the parishes of Easton, Honingham, Colton, Barnham Broom, Marlingford and close to Easton College. The first half of the course is pretty flat with one or two little bumps in the second half.

113302:05:53Clare Weston

Results for the Leamington Regency 10k – 15.4.18

A fantastic turnout of 64 Massey Runners took part in this local race.  The 10k course was the same as it has been for the last few years, taking in Newbold Comyn golf course and the lower section of Leamington town centre.

PositionChip TimeName
1400:36:33Dean Clarke
8700:41:09Mark Blaszczyszyn
8900:41:18David Lee
15600:43:58Marie Edmunds
16200:44:10Tom Watts
16300:44:10Richard Taylor
17900:44:42Kevin Hinson
18400:44:52Paul Mattock
23700:46:03Elizabeth Dobson
26300:46:27Sam Lowe
30100:47:10John Peavoy
47000:49:53Jonathan Kingston
49300:50:09Robert Eyley
55800:51:17Emma White
60300:52:01David Robbins
65600:52:44Stuart Sahan
81400:54:47Nicole Rose
85700:55:15Kim Davies
86700:55:24Kerry Graham
90600:55:58Julia Minty
95200:56:24Craig Keenan
96900:56:35Trevor Day
98800:56:49Paul Curtis
98900:56:49Mark Williams
100500:57:07Alison Eason
 1006 00:57:08Delroy Taylor
110100:58:24Sean Fox
120800:59:54Nikki Carter
126901:00:45Jill Waterfield
127001:00:45Linsey Yeomans
127201:00:49Alison Lowe
131201:01:22Paulina Ellena
138901:02:31Angela McKay
140901:02:50Sonia Karamat
142601:03:06Katie Kingston
143301:03:10Mo Smith
144401:03:25Jenna Pogue
144501:03:26Rachel Hogg
151101:04:43David McKay
152201:05:02Hayley Tracey
152301:05:02Sophie Abbott
154001:05:24Kelvin Elliott
156501:05:55Rosie Bilsland
164601:07:28Louise Wilce
169001:08:08Helen Goodwin
169601:08:14Jessica McLish
169701:08:14Kerry Watkins
174201:09:06Sharon Etherson
177301:09:41Ruth Mahon
180601:10:27Claire Newman
181401:10:32Jo Pinches
181501:10:33Carol Williams
184301:11:34Brenda Lee
188301:12:58Elizabeth Connolly
188401:13:00Mary Connolly
193901:15:42Ed Goodwin
195101:16:20Jane Bates
196101:17:09Raadiyah Rifath
200501:21:59Jayne Coupe
201301:22:50Rachael Ryan
202901:25:12Peter Estick
203001:25:57Maggie Morgan
203101:25:59Michaela Eyley
203201:26:07Helen Rowe

Results for the Run in the Forest 5 Mile – 15.4.18

This race is held Conkers Waterside Centre and is a 5 mile course almost entirely off road and taking in some of the fine scenery the National Forest has to offer. The surface comprises hard packed trails along disused railway lines and canal tow paths with some sections of tarmac.  Read Cal’s race report here.

1200:41:00David Mason
1500:43:26Jeff Heape
2530:54:32Cal Oddy


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