Results for 12th, 13th, 16th & 17th June 2018

Results for the Banbury 5 – 12.6.18

This one lap course attracted 350 runners mostly on road on the Bloxham side of Banbury but with the last mile on pavement due to a busy road.  There are several inclines with a long one between mile 3 and 4 from the village of Broughton.  The course record is held by Massey Ferguson’s Barney O’Connor who ran 23:35 in 1988.  Well done to Graham who won his age category (again !!)

19037:35Graham Patton
22539:15Martin Smith

Results for the Sphinx Summer 5 – 13.6.18

68 Massey Runners headed for the 4th WRRL race held at the Memorial Park, with over 450 runners running the 2-lap, 5 mile course.

1900:29:06CLARKE, Dean
2900:30:03NEALE, Simon
3100:30:07MOORE, Chris
3500:30:18COTTERILL, Alexander
8000:32:34LUNTLEY, Nick
8500:32:58BOWELL, Robert
9100:33:14BLAKEMORE, Jack
9200:33:17LEE, David
10200:33:36HODGSKINSON, Colin
11300:33:48MCDOUGALL, Alan
11400:33:52HALL, Pete
12900:34:36REDFORD, Ian
13000:34:39WATTS, Tom
14100:34:51HINSON, Kevin
14800:35:04URSELL, Mark
16600:35:33PAPRCKA, Peter
16900:35:40SMITH, Jeremy
20500:37:05BROWN, Jonathan
21900:37:24DOBSON, Elizabeth
23100:37:53PADVIS, James
23300:37:57TRENCHARD, Simon
23600:38:00DOUGLAS, Jason
24100:38:08SKELTON, Mark
24200:38:09MOORE, Zoe
24300:38:12TAIT, Graham
24400:38:13BIGNALL, Nathan
25100:38:30O’DONNELL, Ian
26100:38:42SMITH, Martin
28100:39:16LOWE, Sam
29000:39:44SCHOFIELD, Jackie
29700:39:58CHAMBERS, Darren
29800:40:05CURTIS, Paul
30900:41:04SAHAN, Stuart
31900:41:37STACEY, Joanne
32000:41:53MINTY, Julia
33000:42:16BALL, Fiona
33600:42:39BILSLAND, John
33900:42:44KEENAN, Craig
34100:42:55MAHON, Ruth
34400:43:27CAPELETT, Carmel
35000:43:46DAVIES, Kim
35100:43:47ROSE, Nicole
35900:44:26SHAW, Sarah
36600:44:56RIODA, Carlo
36800:45:01LOWE, Alison
37200:45:15WESTON, Clare
37700:45:26JENKINS, Kerry
37900:45:28HOGG, Rachel
38800:45:57WALTON, Joanne
39000:46:11GOODWIN, David
39600:46:40HILL, Lee
39900:46:47KEAY, Cathy
40900:48:01KARAMAT, Sonia
41100:48:37BIGNALL, Rachael
41300:48:43DEVEN, Natalie
42100:50:18GOODWIN, Ann-Marie
42300:50:30DOUGLAS, Phyllis
42600:50:43KEIGHLEY, Lesley
43400:52:17ADAMS, Dave
43500:52:20LEE, Brenda
43700:52:53MARRINGTON, Rachel
43900:53:19NEWMAN, Claire
44000:53:22ELLIOTT, Kelvin
44500:55:50GOODWIN, Ed
44700:56:44ODDY, Cal
45301:01:38HAINES, Samantha
45401:03:28PHILLIPS, David
45501:06:16ROWE, Helen

Results for the Salomon Trail Half & Marathon (Coed Y Brenin) – 16.6.18

The Salomon Trail Marathon Wales will had full (26 mile/42km) and half (13mile/21 km) marathon race routes in the stunning trails and tracks of the world-renowned Coed y Brenin forest in the Snowdonia National Park.  Read Daniel’s race report here.


28806:25:36Joanne Stacey
30706:58:51Mary Connolly
30806:59:14Daniel Connolly

Half Marathon

25002:23:54Simon Trenchard

Results for the Shrewsbury Half Marathon – 17.6.18

The course started and finished at Shropshire County Showground, the route took in both the medieval town centre of Shrewsbury and some of Shropshire’s beautiful countryside.  Runners ran along Mardol Head, Milk Street, Wyle Cop, Dog Pole and past Grope Lane, and past the school attended by Shrewsbury’s most famous son, Charles Darwin, and across from the Castle.   After runners ‘conquerred the Wyle Cop’ the route then headed out to run the second half of the race in the Shropshire countryside before finishing back in the showground.  Well done to Delroy who was pacing for 2h:05

62601:53:29Richard Shortall
90602:03:35Delroy Taylor
122002:16:22David Goodwin
136002:25:54Anne-Marie Goodwin

Results for the Knowle & Dorridge Arden 9 – 17.6.18

The course was ran in an anti-clockwise direction starting and finishing at Hampton-In-Arden Sports Club, Shadowbrook Lane, Hampton-In-Arden and was the 5th race in the WRRL.

800:51:45Dean Clarke
2200:54:45Chris Moore
4500:57:22Alexander Cotterill
6600:59:05Dave Lee
8301:01:00Pete Hall
9001:01:43Alan Mcdougall
11701:03:50Peter Paprcka
12601:04:29Marie Edmunds
21101:11:01Jonathan Padvis
22501:12:45Nathan Bignall
26001:15:20Paul Curtis
26101:15:27Phillip Mccarron
27101:16:50Craig Keenan
27401:17:04Stuart Sahan
31001:21:59Katie Birch
31401:22:27Kim Davies
31501:22:27Kerry Jenkins
32301:24:23Cathy Keay
34201:26:30Sonia Karamat
34401:26:56Rachel Hogg
35501:28:48Wendy Foxall
35901:30:08Rachael Bignall
36601:33:22Lesley Keighley
37701:42:01Cal Oddy
37801:45:20Brenda Lee
38001:50:28Marie O’Connor
38101:55:50Helen Rowe

Results for the Cheltenham Challenge – 17.6.18

The Challenge is a multi-terrain event offering 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances. All races are open to runners and walkers.

Half Marathon

TBCCarol Martin


63401:31:27Tiffannie Slatford
63501:31:29Emma Cutting

Results for the Breakfast Run at Loseley – 17.6.18

This was a 11.4km road race from Loseley House in Guildford.  Read John’s race report here.

50:46:45John Hosie


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